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Delivery of the vehicle fleet

Meytaş transport fleet with a total of 5 units of Renault Trucks strengthened Optidriver attractive. Transport Meytaş the number of vehicles in its fleet to 17 increased by 5 units Optidriver attractive.
Since 1998, local and long distance transportation expenses of laying the Meytaş Transport Company Owner Mehmet Emin make up a large part of the Renault Trucks’u to minimize fuel consumption, more said that they prefer. Layer, “as Meytaş Transport, Rooster Rolling Renault Truck agreement made ​​5 pieces. 3 of them get them now. The rest of the second one will deliver in February. The biggest reason for us to choose Renaut’u fuel economy of vehicles. This gives us confidence as well as the Hammer of the vehicle, “he expressed his feelings getirdi.Teslimat Meytaş Owner Mehmet Emin laying ceremony, Hammer Unal Turker Vehicle Operations Manager, Sales Representative, Tayfun joined Ficici

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