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About Us

Our History
Our company as transportation service supplier works within local areas in İstanbul and inter city as transportation of freight, has been built at 1998, is centered at Mahmutbey/ Bağcılar. Meytaş is a leading company serving with problem-free service, has been solidified its place at the transportation of freight sector, by growing vehicle fleet as a result of its developing rate of operations and customer demands.Today, Meytaş continues to move its goals to higher levels by improving quality of service and customer satisfaction with is its dynamic structure.
Our Mision
Our mision as Meytaş is serving to our customer/ client by adapting to the necessities of constantly changing and developing transportation sector, as fast as possible and in the most economic way, by our strong and well developed team work. Our goal in the view of this understanding of quality is deserving the trust of our client/ customer by performing according to their expectations and beyond.
Quality Policy / Customer Satisfaction
  • The most important thing for Meytaş is Customer Satisfaction. Our aim is to be accepted as business and solution partner instead of a transportation company by our customers.
  • Our most important resource is our employee. Our aim is to empower our employee to gain the highest level of their abilities and capacities for necessities of work which corresponds to the company goal.
  • Our aim is providing transportation service in a safe and a secure way of goods to the receiver/ buyer according to the rules and regulations which are currently applied in loading and transporting sector.
  • Our highest aim and goal is providing transportation service at fast speed, in the most economic way, through the demands and expectations of our customers.
  • If you are deciding/ worrying how you can arrange a transportation at the fastest and the most economic way, you can call us directly in the first hand to have the best solution for all.
  • Our Vision
    Our vision is to improve our service quality and customer satisfaction to the highest levels.